Send help

I went to the gym for the first time in a few years. It is a class where they tell you what to do (since I am lazy). I made the mistake of going really hard in the first 15 minutes and burning myself out. I then had to continue for 45 minutes. It was a bad life choice.

To make matters worse, a friend of mine was over at TopGolf (a driving range) and had me come over to play a bit. I’m officially dead today, send help.


Believe me I know how you feel. :smiley:

You always says you plan on dying young so I say don’t exercise and live with less pain.

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I’m hoping my heart explodes at the gym.

Weakling. Nothing better than the pain you feel after a hc training session.

I’m sending help anyway. throws 100 tacos and cheeseburgers at you