September 2018 -- Changelog





  • Updated to Discourse 2.2.0 beta1
    • No changelog, it is basically the 2.1.0 GA release with some minor fixes



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I updated Discourse. It is still much easier than the old upgrade process :smiley:

Some fun stats since I want to post something.

Since I enabled the caching in CloudFlare, there has been a pretty significant reduction in work the web server is doing. This hopefully leads to less need to upgrade the server in the future, and faster loading when images are uploaded to Discourse. Right around the 19th is when I set the cache to be more aggressive and keep images longer, so the increase in bandwidth is expected.

In the past 30 days, we’ve had a small increase in files. We are at 248 MB and 1061 uploaded images. Since I get 250 GB of storage for the $5 a month, I’m not worried at all that we will hit that cap in the near future.

Discourse is a bit interesting in that it tries to host everything locally, so it actually fetches images to embed them in posts instead of relying on the remote server in all cases.


Did another Discourse upgrade to fix an issue with images potentially not loading / being saved. Upgrading retroactively fixes picture issues, yay!


Did an upgrade today, I’m hoping it fixed the Steam embedding issue that people were hitting.