September 2018 PS+ Games are Good

Probably the first time a ps+ game was actually on my list. Will probably grab Kiwami.

You have to play Yakuza 0 then.

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Already on it…

It has some long ass cutscenes but damn, the story is so fucking good. The game is easily one of my favorite games ever. I actually think of Yakuza 0 as the most complete game ever made. Tons of mini games, tons of side missions which all have its own little stories, 2 campaigns that you play simultaneously, fishing, erotic videos, combat that’s not garbage, RPG system… Honestly, I hope I’ll never finish that game. I love it.

Oops, nvm, I’ll be playing this version:

Just play them in order. You can start with either Yakuza 0 (Prequel) or Yakuza Kiwami (the actual first yakuza game). After that, Kiwami 2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and then Yakuza 6. Personally, I’d go with Yakuza 0 first. Everything began in Yakuza 0 after all.

Kiwami 2 is before the other numbered ones?

how does Yakuza stack up against Sleeping Dogs? similar or diff?


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Pretty similar gameplay wise. But Yakuza games are so much better than sleeping dogs in terms of storytelling. And I liked sleeping dogs.

I’ll have to reorder my list then.

Really? Sleeping Dogs story telling is pretty awesome, so that’s pretty compelling.

Are 3 4 and 5 remastered? Or ps2/3 only?

Try it out. You’ll be okay with playing Kiwami as the first one but Yakuza 0 is a damn good introduction to Kiryu and Majima and their stories.
The only negative thing I have to say about Yakuza 0 is that the cutscenes are long as hell. But the story is so damn good, I don’t really give a damn how long the cutscenes are. Also the voice acting is just top notch.

These three games are getting the remasters next year. I believe it was March 2019.

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What I’ll do then is after I play each one, I’ll throw the rest of them back to the bottom of the list. That way, by the time I get to them, they’ll be remastered.

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