SgtT8ie's August Gamer Challenge Entry

OK, I finally finished a game!

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Seasoned Veteran (Hard mode I guess) - there’s probably a decent 20hrs of play time involved; my Steam account says 32hrs, but I’ve been using the game for benchmarking as well as a GPU failure that took a wee while to sort out new settings.

That’s the end of the story with all of the Challenge Tombs/Crypts completed. There’s still a few challenges to do & obviously a decent number of hidden murals, relics, caches etc. to find.

I enjoyed the game; if you check out the review section I have a stream of consciousness write up on the game as I was playing through it with my impressions directly as I came across them. There will also be a proper review written that is a final rundown of the game.

But overall, it’s a decent action adventure game with a standard, fairly generic story. It redeems itself by having some great graphics & set pieces as well as some more involved physics puzzles. The close to sandbox feel gives some freedom, but there doesn’t seem to much apart from completionist bragging points to draw you into hanging around & crafting everything or uncovering all the loot.

Ghostbusters :TVG

Finished on Experienced equivalent to Hard, not Legendary.

Great little game, that hasn’t aged well but the Voice Acting makes up for it. Can’t beat talent, huh? I’ll need to research equivalently aged games to get a better feel for it’s graphical quality.

Will do a proper review shortly.
Onwards & upwards.

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