Shadows: Awakening

I’m going to try to follow @gord0’s advice and make some posts like these, while having a separate post on which games I completed.

This is my next game. Well, I’m playing God of War as well but yeah…shadows, next game.

Shadows Awakening is an ARPG which is very similar to Path of Exile. Why PoE and not Diablo 3? Well, the world, UI and the way they are telling the story is almost copy/paste from Path of Exile. That’s not a bad thing! Single player, looks good, runs 1080p144 maxed out without any drops. Will write more after I’m done with the game.


I think I’m going to stop playing this game for now and put it somewhere on the bottom of my backlog. I’m not gonna say the game is boring or stupid or something similar. It’s just looks outdated and I kinda don’t have the will to play a game that feels 2005.

The UI feels old, the voice acting even older, music is putting me to sleep because it’s very…veeeeeeeery slow. What I do like is the movement and the overall effects in combat. I wish Path of Exile had this movement. It’s so responsive. If you ever played Heroes of the Storm, the movement and skills are basically copied from Heroes of the Storm.

I bought it for 5.49 euros and while I’m not gonna play it for now, I’m not regretting the purchase. I will eventually resurrect this thread when I’m in the mood of playing slow games.

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