ShiftySatchmo - 2019 Gamer Challenge



1/3/19 I beat Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on Switch

2/16/19 I beat Jurassic World Evolution on PC


I beat DK tropical freeze. Took about 6 hours, which is way under what HLTB said. Solid game. Had challenging parts. Nice old school platformer feel with decent mechanics. I’d give it an 8/10. You should play it if you can.




On sale it would be


Sale will never happen


True. It’s Nintendo


Grey market?


Which one has switch games?


Not sure. If you don’t mind physical, you could also try used.



Lowest buy now is €40


I don’t do used. I don’t trust humans. Plus I wouldn’t give it more than 20e for a game that has no content. It’s a pass for me.


Wait, I forgot what pass means. Damn it Germany, I’m losing England


What do you mean? You can say it’s a pass for you. It’s like saying you pass on the game.


I don’t know what I mean anymore. Passt in German means “alright”. Jdkwk838fufjak


Could try to bid on a new copy.


Or I could just buy a game that is worth 60e


I beat Jurassic World Evolution on PC. Took 26 hours to do all of the missions and contract unlocks. Got 5 stars on every island. My subjective “I like dinosaurs” score is 8/10, but my objective score would be like 5-6/10. It’s a fun, chill game. Not a ton of variety in what you’re trying to do, not much of a story, and the end is anti-climatic. HOWEVER, dinosaurs.