ShiftySatchmo - December Gamer Challenge

It will probably only be one game XD

Finished ABZU!

I was playing SOMA for an hour or two and got kind of stressed, so I thought to myself, “Why not try ABZU?” Well, it was certainly the opposite of stressful. This is by the same dev as Jounrey (PS3/PS4), which I played recently, and it shows. It is an extremely similar concept, but I’d say they made a slightly better game this time around. It has some good eye candy, a few cool/touching moments, and a pretty decent soundtrack. The only bit I liked more about Journey was the ending. That all being said, much like Journey, it’s more of an experience than a game. There isn’t much “game” to play, in fact. You swim around and explore a bit for…one and a half hours. No joke, my Steam clock was 90 minutes when the credits rolled. Not even long enough to earn a SINGLE trading card drop. I never thought I would have to idle after beating a game XD

Anyhoo, based on the GX review scale I’ll go with a 6/10. It was a cut above average in my mind for a game in this category. I would say it is worth playing, but just be warned it is very short! One benefit of it being short, is it would be easy to replay if you want to experience it again like a favorite movie or something. Worth $20? Not to me! I think it is around $6 right now, and I got it as a gift so it was free for me. Free or $6 is a perfect price for this game.


Interestingly, I read that Steam was updated when the refund policy was placed. Card drops will not happen until after 2 hours of playtime in order to prevent refund fraud. Smart!

i change/switch game more than i change my cloths -_- its been a while i finished a gamer properly


DANTE it can be hard to finish a game with so many options!

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DANTE Lel noob

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Katsuo come 1v1 wrestling with me…we will see who is the real noob xD

Finished Bleed. I really enjoyed it for what it was and left it installed to play some more. Its an old school side scrolling shooter with a few mechanics that make it stand out. You have bullet time, a few weapons to choose from, and the ability to do speedy triple jumps. Some of the boss fights were tough! It is pretty short to clear the story at about 2 hours or less, but it has a lot of replayability because of unlocks, 5 difficulty levels, arcade mode, challenges, etc. It’s $1.25ish right now on Steam so it’s kind of a no brainer if you like the genre.

I’ll give it a solid 7/10 on the GX scale. It stood out to me compared to similar games, and again, for the price it is great.

PS: It looks like part 2 is out early 2017!