ShiftySatchmo -- July Gamer Challenge

This is where I will list all of the…OK it’ll probably just be one game XD

I finished Epistory: Typing Chronicles!!! NOTICE ME Katsuo !!! <3

It was a really fun game. Refreshing change of pace from the usual game play. It definitely had a few tough parts, but nothing too crazy. It reminded me a lot of The Unfinished Swan, and a bit of Tearaway, only with typing. You could also think of it as The Typing of the Dead: Overkill that you can play in front of children.


I had to check your Steam profile because it was hard to believe that you actually finished the game. And you finished it :DDD
You should’ve done the achievements as well. Seems easy to unlock 'em all! I’m glad you finished the game. Now if you would finish SOMA…I would be, more happyyyyyyy

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Katsuo haha I have too many games to achievement hunt really.

ShiftySatchmo I finished 32 so far. 50 to go xD

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