ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


Haha how does no one want shadow of the Tomb Raider?!


How does no one want knack 2?!


I’ll take it


I honestly confused the names of them all. I’ll throw my name in the hat for Shadow if there’s a draw. :tophat:


Just send me everything if no one wants it.:rofl:


Haha it’s the new one


I am moving the tomb raider thingy to another post to keep this thread from getting confusing.


The only thing confusing is @DANTE bringing my wife into this!?!


What’s a wife?


i am sorry ffs >_< it was picketech’s wife T_T


This is my favourite comment on this entire site I think.


Only quality content, I give.


It really shows.


Project Cars 2 or Styx Shards of Darkness if still available please.


You can have both if you want. Everyone else has had long enough lol. Just let me know


Yes please, thank you for the birthday presents, today is my birthday. lol (For another 13 minutes anyway)


Well, happy birthday!


Why thank you kind sir! No wait, I’m sir!


Thank you, both are downloading.


PC2 is so damn pretty. Can’t wait until I get stuck into it.