ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


if nobody else want it i could scratch that game from my wishlist man, love lara games

EDIT: Man i text my wife to ask her and she bought it a few days ago


Ah ha! 6 days ago you said you didn’t have time for games and refused them all!


I am guessing more people will say something like this. If more people say it than you I’ll just do a random drawing.


jajaja yeah actually the super fan of lara games is my wife /shy


Haha I’ll give it a day or two to see if other people are interested in it just to make it “fair” since it’s better than what I normally post. If more do I’ll throw everyone into Excel and have it choose for me.


That’s seems fair just make sure i’m not on the list, lol in case you didn’t saw my edit my wife bought the game a couple days ago her loss… now can you buy me anthem or the division 2 just to make @katsuo jealous?


I think he got anthem for “free” when he overpaid for his video card :wink:


Anyhoo over 10 people here have Shadow of the TR in their wish list so we shall see what happens. Full disclosure: I won a copy from gamechanger but I own it already


i feel so jealous when i heared sYnCroSis’s wife bought it for him meanwhile woman here dont even know what that is -- they dont appreciate game or gamers at all. they think its for kids -- ffs !!


Haha his wife didn’t buy it for him. I think you mean @Picketech


Paid 200 bucks less for my gpu. Tehee


But you can get me division 2 ez


Less than…what




670 isn’t terrible. Amazon perk?


Yup. Got pretty much every part cheap


Very nice!


So you’re buying me division 2, right???



Can’t believe project cars just sitting there