ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


Added some stuff ^^^ a few are solid ones that I already own and such. Others I just don’t have time to try.


shiftysatchmo I wanted Orwell a long time, but my HB Montly expired last month, so I missed it :smiley: Your choice :stuck_out_tongue:


buttstallion why wouldn’t I give it to youuuu?


shiftysatchmo Thank youuuu <3


Surprised no one wants seasons after fall or furi. Those are legiiiit!


shiftysatchmo Gib me papito <3 jk


Legends of the Fall?


Orwell is great, played it yesterday, already wishlisted season 2 :smiley:


shiftysatchmo said in /404:

Seasons After Fall? maybe if no one else needs or wants


mark2k77 it appears no one else wants it, so just say if you do


shiftysatchmo I do wish that game :slight_smile:


ShiftySatchmo are you seriously offering Wargame Red Dragon? I’ll take it if you or no-one else wants it. I really enjoyed the first one (even though I was useless at it). For a 80’s cold war tactical game it was pretty cool.


sgt_t8ie I seriously am! I’ll send it


I want a game too! !!!


shiftysatchmo said in More Games to Share:

sgt_t8ie I seriously am! I’ll send it



katsuo so then pick one lol


shiftysatchmo AC Origins :grin:


katsuo same


Katsuo sYnCroSis that game is trash


shiftysatchmo stepdaughter is very, very happy :slight_smile: she is 6 year old kiddo … but she likes game like this one … so this will be adventure and fun :slight_smile: for her … (of course the game had to be installed the same day and played) … In any way this is her reaction on game :slight_smile: and one small thank you!!