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mark2k77 jb2 amiright??


syncrosis did not understand post … sorry I’m stupid this days :slight_smile: jb2 stands for what?


mark2k77 It stands for Josh boobies two


mark2k77 ShiftySatchmo knows my reference and that’s allllllllll that matters


katsuo said in More Games to Share:

mark2k77 It stands for Josh boobies two

He does have boobies.


teh_g and feelingsssssssss


syncrosis said in More Games to Share:

teh_g and feelingsssssssss



I have Dead Age and Lakeview Cabin Collection if anybody is interested. I have to run to town now but will be back later.


Added some games ^^^ Please take them XD


shiftysatchmo Fffffffffffffffffffffffurryyyyy


katsuo All yours!


shiftysatchmo Here’s a song for ya. Thank youuu~


If no one here is interested in How to survive 2, I would like to get it for my cousin.

For “multiplayer” reasons. :eyes:


zmajuga sent!


shiftysatchmo said in ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy:

zmajuga sent!

Thank you my friend! :smiley: :thumbsup_tone1:


Grim Fandango Remastered if nobody else wants it please.


sir_diealot sure thing, chicken wing


shiftysatchmo Thank you much.


Added One Finger Death Punch thanks to a generous key donation by Katsuo who was too lazy to give it away himself.


I redeemed Scanner Sombre because I can do whatever I want with my codes