ShiftySatchmo's Giveaway Libraryyyy


shiftysatchmo Can I have Mafia III please?


gorkie yes, but only because it’s your birthday. For the record, I did check your wish list before I posted this and it wasn’t on there; otherwise, I would have just given it to you directly!


shiftysatchmo Thank you very much!


Added Lara Croft GO. Check out the list! I wish someone wanted Epistory because it was good haha.


shiftysatchmo terrible game


katsuo you don’t know


shiftysatchmo I know. I bought that game for you so I know everything about that terrible game


Added Ruiner and Dead Rising 4


Also added Moon Hunters, Jalopy, and Crazy Machines 3


shiftysatchmo remove ruiner and add it to your library. Game is awesome


katsuo yet nobody will ask for iiiit. Nah man I have so many games it’s stupid. I forgot to skip this month’s humble whoops


Gotta be picky in order to play the best games you have. At every turn it feels like the next God of War or Souls game is coming out, or something of that caliber. I used to be able to play games that weren’t quite as good, but no time anymore. I’d try this game for sure if I did have time, but currently juggling God of War and Zelda, followed by Rise of the Tomb Raider and Horizon. TOO. MANY. GAMES.


syncrosis You are playing all good games. Lara’s butt… I mean journey… is awesome!


shiftysatchmo said in /404:

Dead Rising 4

may I have Dead Rising 4 and offer a Spec Ops: The Line key to your list?


fpsmadmedic sure! Dang spec ops was so good


going to pass just like always :3 nice share as always


fpsmadmedic done. Thanks!


shiftysatchmo and thanks to you as well!


Added NBA Playgrounds


Does the new forum allow font colour? Then you could colour code your list to show shitware, shovelware, and actualware. ; ]