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shiftysatchmo said in ShiftySatchmo’s Giveaway Libraryyyy:

I redeemed Scanner Sombre because I can do whatever I want with my codes



Added Life is Strange: Season 1, Black the Fall, and The Norwood Suite.


shiftysatchmo I WANT SOMETHING


katsuo so…pick a game?


shiftysatchmo I dont want a game


Life is Strange (complete first season)If still available, I need a few point and clicks while I rehab my arm.

Had my stitches out today, thought they were infected because they were really red but they said that is normal for that kind of suture. I go back in 5 weeks.


sir_diealot yessir I’ll send it a little bit later


shiftysatchmo Thank you.


sir_diealot sent


shiftysatchmo Thanks!


Installing now.


shiftysatchmo What Katsuo wants is your body! :100:


gorkie we can’t hold that against him. I’m dead sexy


shiftysatchmo Maybe he CAN hold it against him…


syncrosis W-w-what?


katsuo Gorkie said he wants your body to Andrew, so I was playing on words after Andrew’s response saying you could hold it (his body) against you. Kind of like that phrase “if I told you I wanted your body would you hold it against me.”


I think everyone and their mom has it,but added Tomb Raider (the first reboot).


shiftysatchmo I can confirm my mom doesn’t have this game


syncrosis …does she want it?


Added two more to the bottom of the list ^^^^

Mafia III and Outlast II