Shin Megami Tensei III

This kinda belongs here

or you could make a new thread for a game I don’t care about that’s also unreleated to this one.

It is related since it’s technically a persona game get rekt

Also, I leave it to you to make a new thread when you start playin it

Not persona 5 though. Also if I don’t play it, there’s no thread to make on my behalf.

You’ll play it 100%

Looks like ass. I don’t care if it was “great”. If the remaster is just making it run on Win 10 and no other upgrades, then it can die in the past for all I care. If you can’t age well, don’t age at all and just stay in your decade.

Ass is a good looking part of the body

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…and the gutter of the gaming industry. Don’t wear rose coloured glasses. Old games, for the most part, were great because 80s and 90s kids didn’t have disposable income and had to play what they were given.

I can understand that but I don’t understand how it looks bad to you. They just upped the resolution and made it 60 fps. You can’t do more with it without remaking the entire game. They just want to bring the series to the west and I appreciate it. Shin Megami Tensei is literally the reason why Persona exists.

I don’t like the price though. Way too high for a game that came out 700 years ago. I still like this more than what we’re getting nowadays…games that are nowhere near being finished and still released for a ridiculous price.

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Games that old need remakes, not remasters. Looks like it’s just been wrapped up in an emulator.

Taking a second look, it doesn’t look as bad as drunk me remembers, but it does look like it’ll be missing the QoL features that evolved over the last 2 decades. I suspect it’ll be jarring to play.

I hope you boys are happy that you made me do work.


About time you did something


It showed up in my discovery queue today. Watched the trailer again, I suspect it’ll feel like a psp port.