SNES Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Launching September 5

Yes please! I can finally play Yoshi’s Islandddddddddddd and F Zero.


Some goodies on there!


no u

They should just release them all and make it like retro Netflix. Otherwise they’re just doing the same old reselling of things they already sold us on wii u, 3ds, wii, ds, gc, GB, SNES, GB, nes…

It is like Netflix. You pay $20 a year for online and you get access to the NES and SNES games they release. There is no way to “buy” them.

But they’re just drip feeding. Just throw them all up. A potato can run retro emulators and so can switch.

Honestly, I don’t mind that drip feeding. Pretty much all the games on the list are fun to play. It will take a while until I beat at least half of those before the new batch comes out. I’m fine with what they’re doing. It could’ve been better, yes but I’m fine with whatever. I do wish they add Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Fighting Edition or Donkey Kong later on.

Yeah it’s a little weird considering they don’t have to pay licensing costs for their own games.

All known SNES games are already on my PSVITA, Mobile phone, Recalbox, etc. When I think about it, I put emulators on every device I own that supports them. :laughing: