So what's been going on with me.

So as Gorkie pointed out to me it has been about 4 months since I have been on so I thought I would update you on what is going on with me. I had my second surgery on my left shoulder on June 7th and have not been able to do much at all, not in game and not in a lot of other things I like to do as the shoulder is still very tender. I had my first Physical Therapy appointment about I guess 3 weeks ago and that is going very slowly as I have had a lot of shoulder pain.

In other news I have been having a lot more problems with my back and hips, so much so that I went from being able to walk almost 4 miles (6.43738 km) to having a hard time walking to and from the post office which is less than a half a mile trip. (0.804672km) This led to some appointments with my bone doctor and eventually a MRI The MRI showed I have degenerative discs at L4 and L5 and I believe she said L3 but don’t quote me on that. I also believe she said Degenerative Disc Disorder but when she started listing things off I kinda went into a haze so forgive me for not remembering exactly. It also showed I have Spinal Stenosis which is a narrowing of the spinal I guess you would say canal or tunnel where the nerves go through and that is what has been increasing my pain. There was one much thing that I can’t remember the name of, sorry, started with “con” I want to say concusion but am not even sure that is a word.

So with everything going on I have not been interested in or able to game until recently I went to go play Bound by Flame which I was playing the night before my surgery just fine but now I am getting the attached error which I have found things on but I am not going enough to get into the files and alter them to fix it.


So that is what has been going on in my life, how are things in yours?

That is crazy. Sorry to hear all the bad news :frowning:.

Weird that you are seeing that error too. Maybe some update broke something?

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Sorry to hear the news. I hope with the continuation of therapy better results will come.

Regarding error, start game in windows mode.

Go to your My Documents/Bound By Flame/ folder.
Open config file and change “Windowed” from “0” to “1”, and save it.
Close file and run the game.

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That’s no fun. Sorry to hear the about all the physical troubles. Well wishes on getting through it all.

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There is a thing online on what to do to fix it but I am not technical enough to be messing around in folders.

I am pretty nervous about doing any alterations, I am not very good at that stuff and don’t want to mess up my computer. I hope therapy starts to work soon as well.

Thanks bud, I do appreciate it.

Sorry to hear about all your medical woes. My mom had a disc degenerate on her years ago. One of the discs collapsed on her and pinched a nerve in the process. It’s a slow process to recovery but you’ll get there I have faith.

Also + points for converting Miles to Kilometers in your post.

Thanks, it in all honestly is scary reading some of the things that can happen with the Spinal Stenosis, but talked with somebody that had it and has had decent results. One thing they talk about is some people develop a heaviness in one leg and it is a problem I have been having but did not know what was going on, nice to at least know why now.

I do try to convert the two when I know I am on sites where people from other countries are reading.