Solid State Drives

Well it looks like my new AMD Radeon R3 120gb SSD will be here Tuesday, is there anything I should know about SSD’s other then not to defrag them as they do not need it. I have never owned one, I plan to put Windows 10 on it obviously but I have been doing research that says putting MMO’s on it won’t help the MMO much as it might load a little faster but in the long run it won’t help much else… I was thinking of putting Skyrim or The Division on it as I know The Division tends to load everything from the HD it self… any suggestions, ideas, I was told anything I should need should come with the SSD but were I’m so new to a SSD I’m not only excited but want to make sure I’m ready planning to turn my old 500gb Toshiba laptop HD I had in my PC into a backup drive once I can get the external stuff to make it a external as well and use my 1TB HD for everything else.

Assuming you are on Windows 8 or higher, Windows will manage any maintenance tasks for it, so you don’t need to worry about disabling auto defrag or anything like that.

I think the biggest gain will be from having the OS and regular applications on the SSD (browser, etc). You may want to change the location of your user folder so that it is on a bigger drive. It is probably easier to just use the method two listed here:

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teh_g Yes, I currently have Windows 10 build 1511 that I will be using. I will not be using the Anniversary update until major bugs are fixed that was causing several crashes a day on my PC which have ceased sense downgrading. I will save that page and look it over thanks.