[Solved] Help how to access games in rockstar account?

Hey GX,
As Rockstar games is having a weekend sale, though about buying LA Noire and Max Payne 3. However, my R* account shows that i have them.
And it shows only gay tony dlc in my games though played GTA4 and EFLC from original DVDs.

how to play noire and mp3?

No idea they had their own drm. Though I vaguely remember something about a rockstar account when I was playing gta5…but I bought that on steam.

Its weird tho, i have only purchased gta series but these 2 show up randomly.

@felogen thats for the solution.
Visting the desktop site and accessing game downloads under settings showed me my owned games which were only gta series.
Lets say this post is false alarm.

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