Some Schlitty Games in 2021


I got the credit roll on Everybody’s Golf (PS4) awhile ago (Feb/Mar). Tons of other stuff to do and I’ll never stop playing it as long as I got my PS5. But I “beat” it.

Beat Ratchet n Clank (2015) today (Mar/Apr). Did all the completionist stuff for the first playthrough, but I’m not gonna be doing the Challenge mode replay any time soon. The 60fps update dropped in the middle of my playthrough. I’m not a guy who usually cares about that sort of thing but it was a noticeable improvement and made the second half butter smooth. Looking forward to Rift Apart.


I finished off Shadow of Tomb Raider back in Jan/Feb. I loved it at first and thought it was gonna be the best of the three, but then by the end it was my least favorite. Way too silly, half asked side quests. They need to make some big changes if they continue to make em.

Offroad Mania (Apr). Little minimalist offroad game that plays like a puzzle game. I liked it but the controls were on/off instead of nuanced and pressure sensitive. That hurt it a lot, but it was still a pleasant surprise overall.

Portal 2 (Apr)… 1 is better.

LEGO Builder’s Journey (Jun) - I liked it, but wasn’t worth the price of admission and I think the ray tracing made the game look more like a game than “whoa that looks like real life”. Which they shoulda been able to do with just LEGO bricks, especially considering the premo pricetag.

The Room 4: Old Sins (Jul) - Great series. Atmosphere and visuals often beat out the puzzles in the series, but this one I thought was a great showcase of everything the series does well. Good theme, fun puzzles, superb visuals.

Hexcells Infinite (Aug) - Minesweeper on steroids. Hexcells Plus is great, but this was better yet.

Lightmatter (Aug) - Portal clone that also borrows a lot of puzzle design concepts from Talos Principle. Pales in comparison to both and the puzzles were pretty straightforward. But fun style/look.

Strange Brigade (Oct) - Played it co-op with a pal. Kinda mindless but I’m a sucker for the early century adventure theme it had going so I overlooked a lot of the bad. Some lackluster upgrade and weapon systems really limited it.

Rime (Oct) - Absolutely loved it. Great visual storytelling. Game just lacked some polish.

Ultimate Racing 2D 2 (Oct) - More of a “ultimate edition” than a worthwhile sequel. But hard to call it a money grab when it’s just some dude making it and only costs a few bucks. Generic top down racer in just about every way. Not worth it, not not worth it.

Stalak (Dec) - Puzzles. Casual. I can play 3572390857530 of these types of games and still be a dumb drooling happy monkey. Genre never gets old for me. Great palate cleansers.

Risk of Rain 2 (Dec) - Finally beat it on Monsoon difficulty, solo, with soldier. I’m sure there’s some community meta shit or little tricks out there that would’ve made it easier. But screw that noise. I got 120+ hrs of fumbling around blindly and I took care of it my own damn self. Felt good.

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Saw that Portal 2 turned 10yo yesterday. Played and beat it today for the first time in 10yrs. Still don’t care for the goo paint stuff. Way too much easier than 1 as well. But still fun to finally revisit it after a decade. Trying to convince my one buddy to try out the coop mode.


I played it with @PeaceLeon and found out that I’m actually too stupid for that game.


Or stupid in general


Came to revel in my beating of Risk of Rain 2 on “monsoon” difficulty (solo soldier) and realized I didn’t really update all year. Oh well. Threw what games I reviewed on Steam this year up there. Beat a handful of PS4/5 games too but I’m too lazy to find out which. Went through an emulation kick sometime this year too. So, I swear I beat games. For reals. Anywho, yay. Games. In 2021.


Sheesh, I need to update my list of completed games. Should be quite chunky. Anyway, congrats! Seems like finishing games is actually a luxury for some humans here.

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