So this is my next game. I’ve been playing it for the past 5 or 6 days. I won’t need to explain too much. It plays just like Bayonetta and DMC games minus the humor. The only major mechanical difference is that you have a ghost companion that fights with/supports you and you can upgrade it’s abilities in addition to your own.

Currently running at max settings at 2160p>60 (usually >100, often >144, DSR: Quality, AMD’s knockoff junk: off). The only reason I have DSR on is because there’s a handful of scenes that take my fps into the 50s without it. Otherwise I think I’d see an fps range of 60-90 with DSR off. You’ll need DS4Windows if you want to use a dual-sense controller and will have to deal with xbox button prompts.

Will post more later.

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Oops, I meant DLSS, not DSR.

I wish FSR3.1 would already release on other games than just Ratchet and Clank, since it’s removing the shitty ghosting FSR2/DLSS has when you set it to anything but Quality. I also wish companies would stop releasing upscaling tech and instead work on more efficient GPUs with performance improvements. AI might be the future but raster is king!

That said, all I want is DLSS for nintendo consoles. You know they’re never going to release anything but potatoes for the rest of time. DLSS would at least remove the vasaline from all displays larger than a banana.

I beat this last night. The game is much longer than I expected…over two times longer. If you like DMC and/or Bayonetta games, you like this game! Recommended!