Space Engineers

I can’t speak to this game too much. I never got past the tutorial. My head was just never in it so that’s on me but I found interactions and gameplay very um obtuse for being so technical/engineer-y. Or something. Have yet to give it a fair chance. Point being, I can’t give my honest opinion of it to help you decide if you want it!

But, I got it. And somebody can have it for their Christmas backlog! Just let me know if you’re interested, I got a leftover key from the Humble Bundle it was in (“Survive This! Bundle” if memory serves me). So it isn’t doing any good just sitting around! Post here, PM me, whatever. Merry Christmas!

I also still have some other leftovers here still, claim away! Be merry!;

I enjoyed it for a while with teh_g nanderman and sYnCroSis and can say it is strangely addictive. It requires a lot of patience though!

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If nobody else wants it, I would enjoy it sparatically with friends that have it. :slight_smile:


Ub6 All yours buddy! PM on its way!

Thank you very much. Merry Christmas

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It is a fun game. Definitely frustrating last time I did multiplayer. The game got out of sync and would cause your ship to vibrate to death.


Or I would kill Nick in various ways

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lol (this has to be longer than 8 characters so here is the filler)

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