Watching the presentation for this last night got me really excited for it. Swinging around the city looks awesome.


I meh like it. The combat was a bit meh. Everything else is cool.

This is my current game. It’s arkham spiderman with a bit of polish. It’s quite beautiful (4k supersampled to 1080p) but the 30fps is quite jarring when you’re in heated combat. Still quite fun though. Will post more later.


How the fuck do you take pictures of the locations dotted all over the map. I go to the fucking location and can’t take a pic of anything. Never turns green.

We need new Deadpool game Spiderman is meh

You hit the up button on the D Pad to bring the camera out. It will tell you if you have the right object in frame.

I forgot to buy that game. Thanks for reminding me to buy ittttttt

Never turns green. Standing on the fucking spot.

Nvm, you have to zoom or it won’t work. Even if you’re in front of the fucking thing,

Got the completionist fever! I doubt I’ll 100% this game, but I’m gonna do a lot of it! : ]

This game is wicked fun, totally worth completionist.

Dat crane+helicopter sequence!

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Combat seems an awful lot like the Bat-Man franchise. Not that that is a bad thing.

To quote myself:

Think, I’m close to the end. Just beat scorpion and rhino. Then saved mj from oscorp building.

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Beat the main game and started the first dlc! : ]

Beat the first dlc and started the second! I didn’t realize the dlc stories are all connected! : ]

The second dlc is the darkest I’ve ever seen spider-man get.

Turn up the brightness

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The dad joke is real