Star Citizen Moon Landing | Alpha 3.0 Trailer

Can’t wait to play this in 2085

Katsuo God speed!

I’m playing it already :smiley: and planning to land on Daymar and other locations in August or maybe even earlier. :wink: :rocket: :new_moon_with_face:

Freelancer DUR … Status ---- OK! :thumbsup_tone1:
Aopoa NOX … Status ---- OK! :thumbsup_tone1:
Drake Dragonfly … Status ---- OK! :thumbsup_tone1:

Ready to engage! :thumbsup_tone1:

zmajuga Luckyyyy!

I played it a month or two ago and I could barely play it above 20 fps. On top of that, I didn’t even know how to fly the damn ship.

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one of these days I need to install this, and play with my ship that has been sitting in a hanger for two years!

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polekatt I hate to say but…your ship has been stolen.

LOL it better still be there.

it looks pretty… but they aren’t getting any money from me until I see a release date and some unbiased reviews.

sgt_t8ie Why don’t you try the game for yourself? There’s a trial, I believe. Zmajuga knows more xD

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katsuo Because if I download it & like it… then the waiting & anticipation will be horrid.

I couldn’t do it to myself.

Also we should all know by now, that slick limited “demos” do not give a fair representation of the finished product.


Right now it’s still in early access and as much as I like the game I don’t recommend spending money on it.

I’ll give you info on 3.0 patch when I play it. :smiley:


heh, for me, it was basically supporting something that Chris Roberts was trying to do. If it fails, it fails, I’m ok with money donated.

Chris Roberts, Roberta Williams and Al Lowe basically got me into gaming. :slight_smile:


polekatt I agree. I would support a calculator app from Chris Roberts. XD