Star Trek: Beyond

I watched ST:B last night and I must say I’m really really disappointed with the movie. I haven’t expected much after the trailer, but bad acting, cliche story and a lot of other stuff went terribly wrong in it.

I won’t spoil anything so my personal score is 4/10. And I’m being generous just because of the nice visuals.

Live long and prosper.

Have you watched the original series and older st movies? If not, perhaps a lot of references just went over your head…

I’ve watched them all and there were some bad movies among those, but this one is “beyond” bad IMO.
Someone will like it, no doubt about it.

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:frowning: I’ll still watch it and give my own opinion but that’s a depressing score to give.

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The first of the reboots was okay but I have not been able to even say that about any since. I will watch them when they are released on Netflix, but I won’t waste my money on any of them.

I agree everyone should watch. Don’t let my score discourage you. :smiley:

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I never goto theatres anyway. Can’t pause, can’t smoke, can’t drink.

Hm weird you are the first person I’ve seen say something negative about it

Maybe I’m weird person? :upside_down:


I will see it soon. I do love me some Star Trek!