Star Wars: Squadrons

How is it @ShiftySatchmo?

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I only almost puked once playing on Index. VR with HOTAS is so good even though I am a terrible pilot. 10/10 would spin too furiously trying to blow up ships at the risk of puking on my desk again.


This makes me want to buy Index

I think the problem people have with VR is they have computers too weak for VR. I’m running squadrons on my index at 130% resolution and 120hz with ultra settings and it’s great. No stutter at all. The only configuration I’ve had to do is change my throttle from buttons to my actual throttle on my HOTAS setup.

“One solution from players: Running the Vive Index at 120 Hz, but…”

Vive Index?! All credibility gone

I am too spooked to play on my Vive and risk low FPS for vomiting.

But you like gotcha games…and those lead to puke, so you’ll be right at home. ; ]


You gotta try it once at least. It’s cool