Steam Account Spend

Take a look at how much money you’ve spent on your Steam account. Die a little inside…

Too much…but well, I am a member since 2004…Still too much :smiley: And this not include the codes and bundles bought outside of Steam…


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I wonder what old spend is

I looked. I guess it is money spent before April 2015.

I can’t show you my number if you think yours is too much…

Don’t worry I’m sure you are not as bad as me …

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; ]


Now I feel a little bit better again xD

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What the fuck


How does @gord0 spend that much even after returning 95% of all games purchased :thinking:

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I keep and beat the ones that aren’t garbage…or at least the statement holds true for purchases made since the return policy was introduced in 2014. Been on steam a long long time.

Mabye this includes the refunded money as well :smiley:

Maybe, but all me refunds went back into my steam wallet to buy more games so I think it would work out the same because the numbers in the screen shot are external funds added.

i should kill myself -_-

Why? You’ve spent the least out of everyone who’s posted so far…

it hurts badly cause i am not rich like u guys :3 i still have to long way to go :3

Lol, also keep in mind this is over a long span of time and also doesn’t count other platforms.

Yeah, my spend is over almost 15 years :smiley: