Steam Curator page

I made a Steam Curator page for the GX group. Right now, it is just things I’ve published there. I know a few people here write some pretty thorough reviews or were interested in the past (@Alex @Sgt_T8ie @ShiftySatchmo @Ub6). If anyone is interested in keeping up the reviews, I can give permissions in the Steam Group to write the small curator comments, then you can even link over to the review page here.

Let me know if others are interested too. I think it’d be fun to have a group of curators.

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Can I write toxic reviews like everyone does?

I’ll do bad reviews for games I return just before I return them. Can’t be assed to write proper reviews for the actually good games. This way I only have to list what’s broken that caused me to return it.


So we need a curated list and a stay away list haha

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I generally don’t even mention the games I return here on the forum…though maybe I should lol

It would be helpful to avoid garbagggge

I’ll start a list next time it happens.

If only someone warned me about @Katsuo

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Yeah, with all the Militransactions!! o.0

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I guess as long as it followed the Steam terms of service :smiley:

I’d be down with that.

If I ever get a day off againit could be done. 7 days a week, 14 hours a day does not leave much…nope it leaves no time for anything but family.

I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time… what’s with the man-duck-face that is your avatar?

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Just a character I relate to. :slight_smile:

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Even knowing the source, all I think is “man duck face” lol
Especialy with how small the avatars are.