Steam Market is Lucrative...

I went through my inventory and some old junk I kept long ago sells for a pretty penny now. I cleared $5.23 after steam fees off of some crate from CS GO, which I haven’t even played in a year hah. I had a few things worth over a buck a pop across a few games
Pretty nifty!

ShiftySatchmo One year around Christmas I sold my strange Christmas Festive weapons from Team Fortress 2. Made just under $90 it was pretty great. Turned right around and spent it all in the winter sale but still it was worth it. Nowadays I just sell cards for a couple cents here and there.


MyLifeForAiur I sell everything on steam hahaha


Buying a little game with card sale moneys is always a great feeling. I’ve had insane luck with picking up really fun and good games with my Steam market profits too. Makes it that much better!


Oh it can be real lucrative. Every year I gotta fill out steam tax forms cause of the amount i sell on there lol. Last year about $250 in cards and drops sold.


wow, I have never had any card that was over 20 cents. Most of them I can only make 6-8 cents on…

Polekatt New AAA games on launch day and anime based games in general have trading cards that are above 20, 30 and sometimes 50 cents. And they rarely fall down in price. Basically, if you bought an entire series of Hyperdimension Neptunia, you’ll have 5 bucks of trading cards in it haha

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