Steam Winter Sale 2018



For the base game right? How much is the season pass?


Is there even a season pass for the second game? All I see is the base game for 9.99e


I dunno I was only interested in the base campaign


I don’t see anything on the store besides the base game. DLC must be free now?


And where is it 4.49 dollars? All I see is 10 euros on Origin. I would think about it for 5 :smiley:


Games are cheaper in the USA I guess.


I got Mario kart 8 deluxe and @ShiftySatchmo decided to gift me ac odysseyyyy. Thank youuu smooches


Ended up getting KartKraft afterall, tossed in Kona VR DLC, and the newer Age of Empires DLCs because my brother says he wants to play it. A buddy also got me GTAV, I Expect You to Die, and Gauntlet. Too many games… :christmas_tree:


I bought Age of Empires 2 hd…And @schlitty bought the rest :smiley: Thank you :slight_smile:


I decided to get myself Rogue Squadron 3D for the nostalgia.


@Egin3rd got my Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Now I need to beat Ni No Kuni II since @ShiftySatchmo got me that… TOO MANY GAMES


You got me SOTTR toooooooo