Steam Winter Sale 2018



The Winter Sale is live now and ends at 10am PT on January 3.
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Is dragon’s dogma any good did anyon3 played it? Seems interesting


I played it and I have to say I enjoyed. Although that game is played for the combat, not the story.


I might buy games for no reason out of habit


Always ends before I get paid. smh


You and me both. Want to get Overcooked 2?


Too rich for my blood


Dude just get it :rofl:


I kinda like that as well so idk maybe I’ll try it thanks for your feedback


I’m bored


Ends he day I get paid, figures.


Only thing I was planning on getting was Talos Principle VR and that went on sale a couple days ago 85% off :open_mouth:

So yeah, finished my shopping before the sale began haha. Might pick up KartKraft depending on if HBStore does a sale or not.


I’m contemplating things. THINGS. I might get Battlestar Galactica


Hmm or Jurassic world evolution


Never mind, Matt got JW for me!


I am bread, cuz why not :wink:


Got Shadow of War super fantastic edition from @sYnCroSis the love bucket


:roll_eyes: zzz


I got myself Battlefront 2 for $4.49. Figure it’ll be a quick dealy and I like star wars. I know, not Steam.


I got the ea premier access. I know, not steam. Also no pc