Still happy with ..

Kinguin! Even tho I hate there SPAM with CS:GO shit. Really never understand why people complain about their CS with response time. I ALWAYS click live chat and never waited close to 5 min. Maybe because I am Affiliate with them? idk but just want to post a chat I just had.

Chat transcript
Name: Jason Tiemens
Ticket ID:
Order Number:

Please describe your issue (including order and ticket number): CODE SAYS invalid
Do you have any open tickets No
Is this the first time you chat with us about this case? Yes

Choose a department: Kinguin
Wojtek Fri, 07/01/16 12:56:44 am America/Chicago

Hello Jason Tiemens. How may I help you?

Jason Tiemens 12:57:29 am
Trying to use my summer code I got from previous order but not working

Wojtek 12:58:27 am
The reason of that is you used it in the order which is cancelled S1I987B17B9.

Jason Tiemens 12:58:43 am
ahhhh gotcha ( Don’t bad mouth me on the internet and talk shit about me and my group or I just take you game away I gave out)

Wojtek 12:59:00 am
But, one moment please :slight_smile:

Jason Tiemens 12:59:09 am

Wojtek 01:03:38 am

We have added 5 eur to your account :slight_smile:
Is there anything else I could assist you with?

Jason Tiemens 01:05:16 am
ooh wow thanks :slight_smile: not at this time. Got some shopping to do here :slight_smile: About your beat Steam prices - is there a certain amount that needs to be to match it or can it be say 1 cent lower then you? – example

Wojtek 01:06:47 am
You are welcome. If you find something which is cheaper on Steam we will pay you the difference.
Even if it is 1 cent.

Jason Tiemens 01:08:51 am
well did buy some but not much from you guys but my next buy outs be sure to look closely to compare here. So far ya’ll been damn good with me so you deserve my service. Thanks Again for the help

Wojtek 01:09:20 am
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Jason Tiemens 01:09:34 am
You as well Thanks

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Kinguin has always done good with my orders, happy they’re still around.

Personally, I have used Kinguin twice, but to be honest, I was kinda mad that the price that was mentioned at the beginning of the transaction wasn’t even close to the final one. For example, a 5 euro Steam key would be worth 8-9 at the end of it, resulting often in me not buying anything. To be fair, it’s more due to taxes than anything else, but still.

Alex taxes are excluded … in germany we get additonal 19% on top of it for example :wink:

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MeFFFlenn Here we get a whooping 24% :wink:


Alex can be worse XD in my lost in space country VAT is nice 25% :slight_smile: so we all work for air and taxes :slight_smile:

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