Strange issues

So… it goes like this. Maybe some of you remember it from GT.

Two years ago I bought my PC, due to heat,not so proper cooling my audio chip died but even in the start of my build i had strange audio issue. Later on my motherboard died and I replaced it couple weeks ago. Still I have this audio issue and i don’t know what is wrong. It only occurs when my CPU is used more than 70%, audio goes bad. IT get’s distorted I barely can hear vocals etc… even tho it is new motherboard and I use USB headphones Logitech G930.
I also replaced my GPU.

So my question is: Could damaged CPU be a culprit of this issue ?

My guess, it’s your PSU. If the CPU is under load, it uses more power from PSU, right? So what if the PSU is kinda struggling and all and can’t deliver proper power to that audio chip thingie? Also, I doubt that a damaged CPU would work in the first place.

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Moved to Tech Support. It’s been a while!

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Arsononion are you using case jacks or on board jacks? if youre using case jacks that could very well be the culprit, most times there not properly grounded.

Only0neKnight looks like he’s using usb headphones.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… I received an Athlon 2200+ cpu, which was better than my current one at that time. My friend told me he suspects that it’s fried, but it seemed fine… Until I tried listening to mp3’s, at that moment it went crackingly :smiley: So if it’s not the psu, looks like the cpu might be on it’s way out…

Arsononion hmm CPU and audio … can mean only one thing … if your CPU is under heavy load it can’t process the audio correctly … This is happening most likely because audio chip on MBO ( is software type of chip (not hardware)) and that same audio chip will use CPU to process audio signal input … that is why you have audio issues … so you should borrow some normal add on audio card, disable on board audio chip in BIOS remove driver and test system under load … if your audio works problem solved … you can test system with most of older Creative Labs or Teratec AUREON of audio cards …

in short this can mean that you have bottleneck on CPU /Chipset in sense of signal processing … and there is 85% of chance that everything with your hardware is OK nothing is broken xD … just you have slow old crappy hardware

Only0neKnight Its all grounded and I got a new case too and new motherboard couple weeks ago because mine died… Issue is same,only when my CPU is under heavy load… I tested with USB headphone and i tested with front/rear audio panel and problem still was the same. I changed almost all components from my PC but i never replaced RAM and CPU. When i took the old parts from old case there were some burn marks on the metal right where the CPU was that’s why i suspect on it.

I’d wager it is a power supply. You can plug all your parts into and see if it is all compatible.

teh_g Zalman TX 700W ATX Power Supply pretty crappy thing XD

Arsononion said in Strange issues:

teh_g Zalman TX 700W ATX Power Supply pretty crappy thing XD

I was thinking it could be too lower power, but 700W covers most builds. Maybe it is dying?

teh_g i doubt sincerely that 700 W is not enough to power that PC … only if PSU is older than 3 years, maybe we can call that PSU unreliable …

example what 700 W PSU can power

Power Supply Calculator here … part picker is crap when it comes to dimensioning power and reliability of power supply … link text

MBO have AC97 codec on board, we are talking about software chip which relies on the CPU processing power to process audio signals that is one problem … secondary problem is OS Windows 10 … there is no driver for Windows 10 and Realtek AC97 codec (at least there is no stable and certified version of driver) … so it is likely that there is a problem with driver or CPU is bottleneck when overloaded (maybe both).
Another thing when audio signal is distorted or scratchy the cause may be:
*Electromagnetic interference from internal PC components (like add on cards) or external devices …
*Speakers or headphone too close to your monitor, the speakers or headphone can pick up electrical noise from your monitor.
*Hardware issue on PC or in headphones
*Poor audio quality or low volumes can occur if you are using passive (non amplified) headphone
*If you notice stuttering voices and static on some games or programs but not others, check with the software vendor for a software patch