Stranger Things

I just finished the first season and…IT WAS AWESOME. Best new series of the year for me. I recommend everybody to try it.

Have it in my Netflix list.

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It was definitely great. I am looking forward to more like it.

I binge watched it over a weekend in typical Netflix fashion.

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teh_g Yes, me too, watched the hole season in 2 days. 8 episodes, but I could not stop :smiley:

Watched the first episode yesterday and I’m about to start episode two. I thought episode one was amazing I’m pretty excited to keep watching.

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I was rather disappointed in the first season because I was told it was very 80’s retro and it was not and just found the story okay but I just finished the second season and man it was FANTASTIC and this one was very 80’s retro which I liked. I wonder how many caught the Highlander homage in there.

Stranger Things Season 3 - 5/10

Definitely my least favorite. They lost their way in a lot of places. Had some cool and interesting stuff but certainly not what it should have been for such a long wait


Watched 1 episode and didn’t care for it much either.

5/10 max. I always found something else to watch needed to force myself to finish the entire season.

I liked it. 7/10

Not reading this as my youngest nephew asked me to hold up til he is done with episode 6 as he wants somebody to talk to about it. I am glad to see both my nephews picked up the Sci-Fi gene and not the Bingo players gene.

I am liking it so far but not as good as season 2 but not as bad as season 1