Just finished Stray. Awesome game and definitely my GOTY. Took me around 4 hours to finish it, so it’s not that long. I’m doing the platinum run next.
It’s on Playstation Plus Extra so try it! Definitely recommended. It’s also on that thing…Steam.

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Got the platinum. A blindfolded toddler can get it. That’s how easy the platinum is.


True considering even you got it

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HAH you jokester. I hate you

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I keep seeing this game, and much like Elden Ring, it seems like something that is wildly popular that I’ll never play.

Looks pretty good, but I don’t like cats at all, and don’t want to pay $30 for a 4 hour game.

Also, looking at the steam description, I found it odd that it uses their as a pronoun. Personally I would use its, which is still gender neutral. In normal conversation, I’d say “find its way home” Just an observation, LOL.

I think they’ve put “their” because you are not just playing as a cat in the game and what you are doing in the game is actually something you are doing for a lot of…eh, people.

BUT, I think I know why you thought they used “their” as a pronoun. The freaking sentence in the description started with “lost alone and separated from the family”, so “their” made absolutely no sense when you read the whole sentence lol

Pretty understandable. I wouldn’t pay 27 euros for it either because it’s so short. However, I hate cats. I don’t like them one bit but the game is really well made and deserves to be played no matter if you like cats or not. It’s a walking sim/puzzle game, simple and with a nice story. You should definitely grab it when it’s on sale.

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You hate yourself? So sad :crying_cat_face:

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Cat slander gets you on my list.

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Well, skunks and cats are not actually related irl. skunks are in the weasel family. so, no.

I’m highly allergic to cats. I mean, like if I touch one, I can’t function, face puffs up, and its like I have an extremely bad flu, and it happens within 15 minutes of touch. Always been this way since I was a kid, so I grew up being a dog person. And it made it really hard going to peoples houses that kept cats inside, I still cannot do that.

aaaaand, we are feeding our neighbor’s cat for a week. happens once a year, when he goes on vacation, my wife feeds his cat. It stays outside and I don’t touch it, but she pets it and loves on it so after a week, it starts thinking it lives here.

Ahhh karma, thou art a fickle one! :rofl:


Alright. I guess I’ll cross you off the list.

steve buscemi people to kill GIF


My mom just asked if I played it…and she doesn’t know shit about shit in any capacity when it comes to gaming.