Strider (2014 remake)

So this is my next game! I dunno how it flew under my radar. It’s literally 10 years old and that’s the remake.

It’s a side scrolling beat 'em up crossed with a metroid-vania lite. Very fast pased and satisfying action.

Currently playing at max settings at 4320p60 (DSR 2160p, game hard-locked at 60). Even a potato or switch could probably do 1080p, max settings, at a locked 60fps.

Will post more later!


Just beat it! It’s intended to be a short game. I spent ~5hrs. Very satisfying and very well polished! If you’re a hater of metroid-vanias, I still recommend you try this one. The metroidvania bit is very light and there’s always a blue arrow telling you where to go, no thinking needed in that regard. This is a jem, highly recommended!

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I agree! I enjoyed this one a lot.