I think I may have found my next game :smiley:

milkywayman This game looks wicked fun. I want them to add multiplayer.

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sYnCroSis has had it for a while

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I’m currently (slowly) playing it. I got it in one of PeaceLeon 's giveaways a year or two back when it was still in Early Access. It didn’t much like my ‘toaster’ back then and had bad performance. Its been thoroughly improved since for release. I’m barely getting my feet wet so to speak (heh) but its already delivered my best experience in the genre and the story is well implemented and interesting (really wish The Long Dark could’ve got their story implementation right like this). Its a truly unique world and a beauty. Having avoided any spoilers or videos I’m really enjoying the exploration and surprises in the environments and creatures. Can’t flat recommend it without having played enough of it but it really is impressive thus far if you’re into the sandbox/survival stuff.

And screw multi! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s an absolutely fantastic game. It’s just one of those games I sort of stay away from bc it’ll suck all of my time away and I’ll never beat anything.


Damn, it means I need to buy it then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tonight I finished Subnautica and all I can say is that this game is simply AMAZING!

Beautiful story, even more beautiful graphics, fantastic sound and great gameplay makes this game one of my all time favorites.

Where to begin?

Absolutely beautiful. Won’t spoil anything. Enough to say that game leads you step by step to the conclusion.

Stunning. Different underwater biomes looks fantastic. From grassy to volcano ones.

A lot of different creature sounds and ambient sounds combined with fantastic soundtrack adds a lot to already great immersion.

Classic survival. You find yourself afloat on a rescue pod with basic survival kit. It’s imperative to learn about planet flora and fauna to make your survival easier. Learning curve is really nice and game is not difficult.

All in all if you like survival games, play this one. You’ll do yourself a favor.

:spiral_calendar: March 26th | :stopwatch: 63 hours | :clipboard: 9.5/10


I had NO idea this game had a story haha. Maybe I’ll play it

I returned this game for some reason, but that was back when I was still using shit amd cards. Oh well.

Umm what shitty card? Runs beautifully on RX480 8BG :laughing: And yeah, it is a great game :smiley:

Doesn’t run well on a R9 290x or a Fury X.