Suggest me a Ranching/Farming game

I was playing Ranch Sim with a friend of mine. and i loved it a lot but sadly its in early access there isnt much content.
I have never played such kind of games. But looks like i am enjoying a lot. So can u guys suggest me something like that?
I know there is farming simulator but i am not sure about that game at all. also i think all the FS game mainly focused on cultivating crops :3

Farming sim 22 is probably one of the richest games out there, content-wise. There is much more to do than just doing crops.

Other than that one, I am out of ideas.

cant buy this one extremely expensive how about FS 17?

Farming Simulator 19 was free on Epic some time ago. Did you manage to get it?

sadly no…

Have you tried farming in real life? It’s free and they might even pay YOU to do it


tbh thats my far future plan. idk how much you guys know about my City but living here in Dhaka is extremely unhealthy, unhygienic and super risky. For that reason I want to leave this cursed city and live in my village and do some light farming from my middle age till end of my days…
lets see


Some farming games in it