Suggestions for tracking

Not sure how easy it will be for tracking, but a couple things came to mind as possibilities:

  • Use tags each month on the post “gc_june”. Then have each finished game in one thread.
  • Have each person that participates post a monthly entry thread and have only them post in the thread. So like “Geran’s June Games” then have one post per game
  • Use a group to limit participation and posting to only that group

Once i get out of bed, I am going to make it so you can moderate at least this category Alex.

teh_g I like it

You mean I won’t be Head Admin? Madness!

Can members part of more than one group? If yes, it will work perfectly. If not (which is the more possible to my knowledge of forums etc) then don’t make a separate group for it; it will make some people like the dwarf who are lazy not even consider it. But thanks for doing this, it means a lot :slight_smile:

Alex There can be multiple groups per person. You do have moderator permissions in the “Gamer Challenge” section.

teh_g Is it possible to add one more category? If yes, in August, if we could have an “Old Gamer Challenge” or something it would make things soooooo much easier! I will start stuff on July. Till then, no point!

Oh and just a heads up: from now on, the winner of the Gamer Challenge WILL receive a game from me. End of conversation. Dunno what it will be or WHEN it will be, but I will definitely give something out.

Alex oh good I shouldn’t finish any games this month then

Alex Do you want it to be just a hidden kind of thing so you can move old posts?

teh_g Nah, let people see them if they want.

New category made.