Suggestions of New Monitor.

As my mothers bf’s tv is giving him issues, and I get the feeling my mother may take her tv back if it does. I have decided to get a new Monitor next month I was thinking about A Spectre 24" Curved Freesync 144mhz or a AOC Freesync 75mhz 22" monitor. I would like to try and not spend more then $170 if possible suggestions or thoughts on brands and specs are more then welcome!

I don’t know much about the linked monitors, but definately get something >=144hz with free/g sync. A variable refresh rate monitor with low herz is pointless.

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Thanks, then I will make sure that whatever one I get is 144mhz so that it works well with my Freesync. :slight_smile:

I find most variable refresh monitors only go as low as 48 or 40hz. So if your upper limit is only 60 or 75 than you’ll likely be tearing or stuttering more often than enjoying a smooth experience.

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