sYnCroSis - June Gamer Challenge ****

For the second time, I just beat Zuma’s Revenge. It’s a really fun game requiring only a mouse. You go through 60 levels, each getting a bit harder where you’re a frog who spits colored orbs, trying to match 3 together to eliminate them. Check it out -

I just beat Rocket Knight Adventures on Sega Genesis. For details, checkout my “A Link to MY Past” thread.

What does it feel like to chase a game for 8 years, finally play it, and beat it? Bittersweet. I can’t think of any other word.

I just finished The Last Guardian. Shadow of the Colossus was so impactful on me that when I first read about The Last Guardian in 2009, my imagination and anticipation ran wild… and was forced to continue to run wild after several delays for 8 years.

There was a point where I thought the game would never come out. There was a point where I said I don’t care anymore. I’m glad it finally came out and I’m glad I cared.

The problem is that when you wait for something for so long, it’s easy to overhype expectations etc.

So… with that said… Bittersweet. Playing through this game felt like I was bipolar. “Oh wow, that was amazing” “friggin a this AI is awful” “holy crap I can’t believe he did that” “wtf, I can’t believe he did that” “wow these graphics are gorgeous” “wow this camera sucks.” This was my TLG playthrough. The struggle was real!

Gorgeous graphics, sound, environments, story telling, character details.

Bad AI, camera, AI, AI, and… Oh yeah, AI. If you can be super patient with the crap AI, you’ll be fine. If you have no patience for bad AI, don’t play this! It was a beautiful experience when it wasn’t acting up but those moments were too far between. When you rely on the AI controlled beast to get you from point A to B and he listens to you 50% of the time, it gets frustrating!

Anyways, without the AI issues, I would have been happy to say 9/10.

With them, I’m somewhere around a 7.5

Also, they did it again with the feels!

Next for me is Ratchet & Clank!0_1497653707838_19143770_10211176637385072_1059299080099631866_o.jpg


sYnCroSis haha yeah I said 8/10 in real life but 10/10 in my heart

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ShiftySatchmo same 10/10 in my :heart:

I beat INSIDE. Not gonna say much as I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s about 3 hours. Was certainly different, some good puzzles and platforming etc. Worth a play but be prepared for weirdddd stuff!