***sYnCroSis' Spooky October Gaming Challenge

I just finished Costume Quest 2. I liked 1 more for the story and environments, but two had better costumes/combat. I’ve waited 3 years to play this game as I only wanted to play it during October and couldn’t the last couple years in a row due to business trips and other random things happening. Anyways, it was fun. Again, for me, didn’t love it like I loved 1. So I’ll give this one a 7/10 where part 1 is a 9/10. Now, onto the next scary game… Maybe Alien: Isolation.

I’m also about to finish it and so far I agree with everything you said. :slight_smile:

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zmajuga part 1 really got me in the mood for Halloween. It felt like Fall, the music and scenery, all the kids trick or treating around the neighborhoods… it just did it so well. This one had a tiny little bit of that but was so focused on time travel, it just didn’t do it for me.

It also didn’t have competitions like bobbing for apples, and it didn’t feel as whimsical. That’s great they improved combat a little, but combat in a game like this shouldn’t be the focus, it should be the after thought because it’s so boring and basic. Oh well, I can always play part 1 again…