teh g - 2018 Gamer Challenge




The game was fun, and most of it was pretty funny. I think I like slight innuendo about anal probing, but having to probe someone was a bit disconcerting.


Just beat Celeste. @ShiftySatchmo said I had to beat it or he would never talk to me again. It was a pretty tough platformer with some interesting mechanics. Shockingly there was a reasonable story that had some feels involved. Music was nice, it used a cool mix if pixel art for gameplay and what looked like drawn out stills for cutscenes. I’d give it a solid 8/10. Definitely a good game to get if you are into platformers at all.


Nice spoiler screenshot XD



The TASBot run of Celeste was insane. Watching the couch freak out over stuff was awesome.


I’m hoping I just forgot to mark something as complete between now and July…

I finally beat Shadow of War. I was super burned out on it since I beat Shadow of Mordor immediately before Shadow of War came out. It was a solid game. There were some insanely easy parts, while some of the captain / warchief fights were dumb hard and had me getting angry.

Definitely a fun game if you are into the open world style of Assassin’s Creed or are into the Middle Earth lore. I’d give it a solid 8/10. To 100% the game (thank God I didn’t hit the issue @sYnCroSis did), it took me 25h 58m.






There was no issue. @syncrosisis just a freaking noob.