Temu infection

Some providers are sneaking Temu into system updates. If you have the app on your phone, uninstall it. It’s packed full of Chinese malware!

Which app? Is it called Temu?


Never heard of the app so I’m all good. I do have a Xiaomi phone so I technically have Chinese spyware/malware by default.

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Just be glad you’re not a public figure. Get a real phone.

But Xiaomi is a real phone :frowning:

It is real in that you can touch it. Beoyond that it’s sickening.

You do realize that it’s no different than the rest of the phones, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

They all spy on youu

Normal spying is trying to monetize you, ccp spying is trying to weaponize you.

In that case, i’m glad I’m useful somewhere lol

Jokes aside, I’m gonna change my phone to something Korean (probably the Z Fold 4). Not because of the spying thing but because Xiaomi is pissing me off with their UI changes every 2 months.

So back to this temu, does it appear suddenly on our screen where we would see it? or is this something we should look for in some menu?

Settings–>apps–>look for Temo–>If there, uninstall.

Now I’m getting temu ads on pretty much everything. Interesting how fast temu has grown.

At least in visibilty

It’s all CCP backed. Temu and Shien are keeping money flowing from the west because they’re undercutting amazon and the other goto stores for western ppl.

Whole the west is busy devoupling from China, that’s one of the CCP’s counter measures.

Same goes for the car industry. The Germans here are really struggling to keep up with the EVs and their low prices (which do not exist).

They sell at a loss until the competition goes away. The world should take away their developing nation status. It’s not our fault they
spend the aide money on anything and everthing except the people, well except for silencing them. If you have a fucking space program, you’re not “developing”. The reason chinese shit is so cheap is because our taxes pay for all their global shipping.