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Want to thank thoughs who said to get a Ps4 Pro over a Regular or Slim, this thing freaken rocks.

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I must have missed that thread, but if it hasn’t been mentioned, in the following two scenarios enable super-sampling mode:
-playing on a 1080p or less monitor
-playing a game that doesn’t have ps4 pro support

Also never play on a monitor that is not 720p, 1080p, or 2160p.
PS4 has zero comprehension of 1440p or any other resolution in between the above. Also never play on a 16:10 ratio monitor. An example of something bad that happens: When you plug in a 1440p monitor it will scale down to 1080p and your monitor will stretch it to 1440p, gross. So I recommend a small 1080p screen or any size 2160p.

Super Sampling was the first thing I turned on when given the option. I am using a 1080p 32" TLC Class 3 TV

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In that case, only turn off supersampling if a game has a 60fps option that doesn’t work in 4k.

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I recommend turning on boost mode and turning off Super Sampling on older games. Until Dawn works like shit if boost mode isn’t turned on.

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