Thanks Maxamilisav!


He loves me so he got me Resident Evil 2! I still won’t marry him though.


Phew…avoided marriage! Mission completed!


Is it out? Or did you preorder? Or did he troll you and gift you the original game?


He pre ordered. Reviews are out but it releases Friday. I would have been ok with the original I loved that game haha. I remember I finished it in one night with a friend way back when.


I wish he just waited. Every little bit counts in discouraging preorder culture. : /


He probably wanted the pre order discount. Cheap bastard!


Meh…preorders are ok. I can get new games cheaper.


I knew it :laughing:


You’re the reason you need a spreadsheet to understand what version of a game to get from ubisoft.


I can guarantee you, they would still have 50 different editions of their games even if preordering doesn’t exist.


Still, preordering non-physical goods needs to go away. They still chisel content out of the game to offer per-order chumps as a reward. Digital games, have infinite copies, you have no reason to preorder.


The reason is ~20 euros cheaper games. I got RE2 Remake for 40ish euros. Pretty sure that’s a damn good deal for a game that’s about to release.


What is about to release and the internet is full of 9 out of 10 reviews :stuck_out_tongue: We have a game night planned on Friday to play it on ps4 with friends. The fb event was made a year ago so yes we waited a bit. Totally worth the 40 euros :smiley:


Still not worth preordering. I’d rather pay more money than add to the metrics that tell them to keep doing preorders.


It’s 25% off on GMG today