That time again.

Well, 3 months ago my doctor took me off my Metformin after my blood sugar hit 5.8% on the A1C taking me out of the diabetic range. 6 Months ago I started loosing weight, I am down from 330 to 272 and my A1C came back at 5.7% showing what I had figured all along… it was the weight causing the diabeties.

That is awesome news! Glad to see you can get healthy and get more years of gaming out of life :stuck_out_tongue: . Though in all seriousness, congrats!

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That is great job and news. I need to do this weight lose legend myself…nah, maybe next year :smiley:

ButtStallion just get a really stressful job and insta lose weight XD I dropped like 15kgs in past two weeks XD

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Arsononion Stress and me don’t work… I end up in the local mental hospital if it gets to bad.

Gorkie Since my mom dropped me from her portal i live under so much stress and handle it great XD


Arsononion Yea, sadly doesn’t work out for me. Last time I had so much stress, I spent 2 weeks being detoxed in the watervill mental hospital from attempted suicide. Diagnosed Bipolar & Manic Depressent from that stay. I try to keep as much stress away as possible because of it.

Gorkie Great news & well done.

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Arsononion My doc said I can never be stressful, my blood pressure is soooo fixed nobody and nothing can change it :smiley:

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:thumbsup: Awesome!

Congratz man! This is good news indeed.

This is such amazing fricking news man! So happy for you!!!

Great news indeed. :thumbsup_tone1: