The Callisto Protocol

Finished this one! I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I really like the game but it has a lot of flaws.

  • Visually, probably the best looking game out there. The amount of detail in literally everything is insane. Love it!
  • Sound design, probably the best sound design in a game. Weapons sound punchy, environment, enemies, characters, everything sounds so crisp and believable. Love it!
  • They nailed the feel of the game. It’s dark, scifi, gloomy, creepy…I love it!
  • The game is super linear. No side quests, no open world, no bullshit. You have 1 way to go. I love these type of games. It’s old school and that school is nice.

And then there’s the gameplay and story…

The story…it’s a cliffhanger and I fucking hate cliffhangers. It’s decent, nothing mindblowing with some shitty twists here and there but it’s enjoyable enough for me to finish the game. Definitely has potential to improve in the sequel.

The gameplay…I hate it. The combat is dogshit. Walking, dodging and blocking all assigned to the left stick? Who the hell thought that was a great idea? In 1v1 situations, the combat is somewhat ok, however, when more enemies spawn and you have to fight them, the game struggles on who to focus and then the camera decides to do 360 noscope several times until you get a seizure. SDS, please stop making stupid shit like this…
The performance was terrible on launch. They mostly fixed things now, however, the game still struggles to compile the shaders in several occasions, resulting having stuttery cutscenes. It’s not terrible though.

If you want to play a game like Dead Space, buy TCS on a sale and when all the patches are through, if possible.

Thanks @ShiftySatchmo for this one. I enjoyed it and definitely gonna play the sequel if it ever comes out.


Looks like a game I’d never want to play :smiley:

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Thats obviously not trueeee

I am bad at spooky games.

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You’re good at watching me play them

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It’s not that spooky. From the 9 hours I played, there were maybe 2 or 3 spooky scenes in total. The game is just dark and has that alieny creepy vibe to it. Just play it or watch Shifty play it and then laugh because he’s bad at the game.

Like I play games

I like playing games*

There, I fixed it for ya! Merry Xmas!