The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

I forgot to make a post when I started playing this and I just beat it! Ran it at almost max settings at 2160p>60 (usually >70, HDR on, RTX off). It really looks good except for that 20 year old low res low quality grainy pixelated blurry intro vid they keep reusing. Really pisses me off with every game. Like having a Ferrari covered in bird shit.

I don’t need to explain the gameplay as it’s the same in all of these games. I will, however, say that the overall cringe level is the lowest out of all the Dark Pictures games I’ve played and the overall level design is also the best of all the Dark Pictures games I’ve played.


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Ferrari deserves to be covered in bird shit

[Insert Premium Product] covered in shit.

I have often wondered if I would like these games. I have the first one, maybe the first two, but have never got around to giving them a shot.

by cringeworthy, do you mean gameplay, or content?

Some of the story dialogue is cringy, but doesn’t really take away from the fun.

These are fun. None of them are even close to as good as Until Dawn though. I enjoyed House of Ashes quite a bit just because it felt different. I do recommend trying them with a friend because the co-op is funny.