The Division 2 - free weekend and discounted - 3€ here

Like the title says :slight_smile:

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Good game I got the Ultimate edition over hollidays normally like 99.99 I paid like 29.99

Meh I got it for free and after like 10 hours, the game got boring as hell. Maybe I’ll revisit it. One day. Maybe.

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Annnnnnnnnd I revisited it. Just finished the main story, some of the end game, got the platinum on ps5 and finished the 2 raids.

This game is one of those games where it gets really good in the endgame. There is so much to do, it’s insane. I feel like the first 30 levels is just a tutorial on how to get your ass kicked in endgame. Took me 70 hours to get the platinum, which could’ve taken much longer if I didn’t read the guide on how to get the “Suits You, Sir” trophy faster.

I got this game for around 6 euros on PSN and for 6 euros, game is way too good. I’ll definitely play TD2 again after they drop the new content later this year.

Oh and yeah…this game has some of the sickest OSTs I’ve heard in a while. Good job Ola Strandh!

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Try and convince @sYnCroSis to play it with me.

Is he even alive?

I’m more alive than the enemies in the Division 2 who take 30494845885 bullets. That game is zzzzz

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Have you tried shooting the enemies? Usually that helps if you want to kill them faster.

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I have it on PC if you want to play

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We have so many other games to play. SO MANY

Stop playing on easy mode and let me know how fast they die xoxoxoxo

You’re mixing him up with @teh_g

xoxoxoox there is no easy mode xoxoxo

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Decent game I own it, paid $35 for the ultimate edition on a christmas sale but wont be able to play for awhile still. To much going on lol